Off-Season Summer Camp Marketing

Off-Season Summer Camp Marketing: 3 Great Ways To Prepare Your Customers For The Next Season

Closing up the curtains when the season for your summer camp passes is definitely not a way to promote your business. Actually, it is only a good way if you want to lose the interest from your potential customers and eventually lose them as well.

Whether you own a summer camp in Florida or a winter camp in Colorado, there are a lot of challenges after the peak season passes. However, instead of being afraid of them – you should take advantage of the slow business days and prepare your customers for the next – even better – season.

So, how to avoid the ‘slow season’ flu?

1. Keep Growing Your Audience

If you do the maths, there is no better way to ensure that more and more customers will roll in next season – than to actively search for them and grow your audience. Now, the best way to do that is to actively advertise, publish content and be active on social media, converting leads into actual customers who may get a discount if they book their summer camp season during the slow days.

To do that, your only mission is to include as many calls-to-action (CTAs) so that people can stay in touch with you and easily book their next summer camp.

2. Gather Customer Reviews

According to some research, more than 60% of online users nowadays look for positive reviews before buying a product or testing out a service. Just like that, your summer camp marketing must base on great customer reviews. Whether it’s Facebook, Yelp or your website itself, you should make sure to bring out the best in you from the mouth of your customers.

Only by doing that, your new leads will be able to see and engage with your business. If you want to level up this strategy, you can even ask your satisfied customers to publish a video testimonial of their experience (and maybe get a discount on their next booking).

3. Create Unique, Relevant And Remarkable Content With A Twist

Content has always been the king of the online space, and you should use it accordingly – even if it’s the off-season knocking on your door.

The best way to do that is to study the ideal profiles of people visiting your summer camps, and see what they are doing now, during the low season. Since you are an authority in the industry, you can definitely use your blog to recommend them activities and prepare them for the next season. The topics can include:

  • food and drink recipes
  • lists of activities they should try during the winter
  • healthy practices
  • great TV shows, documentaries, recommendations etc.

In the end, marketing your summer camp during the low-tide season should be the same as the high season, with a difference in your content and the way you produce it. You should always remember that you have a community of people who want to be engaged, informed and convinced that you are the summer camp they should again visit when the season kicks in.

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