How to Create a Summer Camp Marketing Strategy: A Complete Guide

How to Create a Summer Camp Marketing Strategy: A Complete Guide

Discover how to create a productive summer camp marketing strategy! Take our helpful guide into consideration!

What is a Marketing Strategy and how it can Help You?

Summer Camp Marketing StrategyA marketing strategy is the series of planned actions that are going to assist you in accomplishing a certain goal.

Lots of people think that building a summer camp digital strategy that actually works is a complicated task. They are wrong! Making a summer camp marketing strategy doesn’t need to be impossible and difficult, especially if you consider our complete guide!

How to Build a Summer Camp Marketing Strategy that Works – Step-by-Step Guide

  • Determine Your Personas – When creating your summer camp marketing strategy you need to know who you are marketing to. Your first step is to determine your buyer personas. Include demographic information such as location, age, job title, and income and physiographic information such as goals, hobbies and interests, challenges, priorities, and etc.
  • Determine Your Goals – When determining your goals you need to include the marketing tools you are going to use. Whatever your goal is, you need to measure it in order to find out whether or not it is effective. To be able to measure a certain goal you need suitable marketing tools.
  • Check Your Current Marketing Channels & Assets – If you want to incorporate marketing channels and assets into your summer camp marketing strategy you need to check their availability first. Check the owned media, earned media, and paid media!
  • Plan the Owned Media – A crucial part of digital marketing strategy is your owned media. Regardless of your goals, you will need to use owned media if you want to form a marketing strategy that works. For that reasons, you need to decide what type of content is going to help you accomplish your goals. Everything your brand represents and says is your content!
  • Plan the Earned Media – Analyze at where most of your traffic is coming from and classify each earned media from the most effective to the least effective.
  • Plan the Paid Media – This same rule applies here – Determine your current paid media source (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more) and decide which platform can help you meet your goals.
  • Create the Strategy – Once you are done researching and planning – bring it all together and create your summer camp marketing strategy!

The purpose of the strategy is to plan your future actions and achieve your goals in time!

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