Summer Camp Email Marketing: 4 Surefire Ways To Get More Subscribers

Summer Camp Email Marketing: 4 Surefire Ways To Get More Subscribers

We’ve all been there – wondering if there is a one-size-fits-all email marketing idea that will revolutionary bring more attendees to your summer camp. In reality, there are a lot of online marketing strategies a summer camp could use to promote itself over the email and raise awareness.

However, the main restraint in most of the cases is obviously the budget that summer camps don’t have in enough quantities to spend and make most of when doing email marketing. Luckily, the budget is not a restraint today. In fact, there are many great email marketing ideas that don’t focus on big budgets – and we are listing some of the best today.

1. An Easy Sign-Up Option Is A Must

In order to get more subscribers over the email, a summer camp must deliver a clear and concise sign-up process. Essentially, that could be a pop-up box or a sidebar sign-up box with a link to the email marketing signup page – or a direct form that even shortens the process of signing up. For example, a user lands on the website, scrolls to the bottom of it and then – the sign-up pop-up appears.

2. Being Relevant, Informative And Helpful

They say that people love information – and even more, relevant information that solves their problems. If you are a summer camp, you must talk about the benefits of your camp and the problems it solves and opportunities it creates. Only by being relevant, informative and helpful – you will spread the word and get more and more emails.

3. The Subject Line As Your ‘Forte’

Aside from conquering more and more emails from your website, you must learn how to drive more traffic to your emails and trigger people to open them. To do that, you must focus on the subject line and always make it catchy. For example, if you are listing the season’s prices and promotions, you can go with a subject line that says ‘We are giving you $100 for this season’s camping’ or something like that, enticing the discount and the benefit your promotion gives.

4. Developing an Audience

In the end, summer camp marketing is all about growing a list of subscribers to a base – and that base to a large audience of people who are constantly engaged, enticed and informed by your content. After all, email is just a medium – but you can use it as your most cost-effective advertising method.

Love this tips – or maybe have a few more to add?

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